L-Marr The Star; Hip-Hop’s Coolest Nerd

It’s no secret that Hip-Hop has influenced our culture. From lyrics that degrade women and promote violence to sagging pants, this music genre has shifted the mindset of youth around the world.

L-Marr the Star represents a new breed of Hip-Hop artists. His witty rhyme and inspired prose paired with masterfully crafted music causes fans to pause, ponder and make a difference.

More than just a musical genius, L-Marr is a motivational speaker and youth advocate. He uses his impassioned love for music to show

· Nerds have swag too
· The power of dreaming big
· The grind of an independent artist
· Why music performance isn’t enough
· What it takes to pen an award-winning song

“It’s the discipline that makes the disciple.” L-Marr the Star

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